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    Speaking of other message boards

    Post  Psioncy on Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:38 am

    On my game board this guy posted who'd recently come back into the game (UO Secondage).

    A few years ago he'd had a stroke the rendered him unable to think, see, hear... nothing.

    Not the kind of post you ever expect to find on a forum.  He's gone from *nothing* to what he describes as 75% brain function, and can now write and the play the game again.

    I guess that's how it goes with strokes.  I mean I've seen it before, someone having to relearn to think or speak in certain ways, or just having to relearn how to use a body part.  But this guy relearned everything from SCRATCH.  Fucking amazing!  I hope he keeps writing because this is fascinating stuff.  His writing gives some insight into how his mind is working now, and what kinds of errors he's coping with. But, you know, the fact that he's made it this far that he's able to write mostly comprehensible language, makes me believe he could go all the way!

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