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    Better than McDipshits

    Post  Psioncy on Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:45 am

    You know how chinese baker vendors, the kind that sell roubing and the like, sell breakfast muffin thingies in the morning with ham or egg in them?

    Well I jsut bought a couple those near my house, along with some mayonnaise, a fresh tomato, and a can of spam.

    I cooked the spam of course.  Spam, egg, tomato, mayo muffin.  Pretty awesome.  And it can all be done at any local morning market.

    I'm boycotting McAssholes for the breakfast muffins and everything else ever since I read on TBJ that they were using soy to dilute their hamburger patties.  I mean I wouldn't bitch so much cuz I put textured tofu in my hotpots, but it's the fact that they 1.  raise prices  2.  make the patties smaller  and 3. cut them with 50% soy.  When you take that all together there's no way to rationally conclude anything other than that they are a bunch of cunts in severe need of mass boycotting.

    And subway is out now, cuz I read about the "yoga mat" chemical in their bread.  Apparently it's "approved by the FDA" -but still causes cancer.  So subway doesn't need to tell us about it. Of course whenever you buy bread you automatically assume it's made from fkn 100% flour! Fkn pricks.  Mad 

    Of course chinese markets aren't much better, who knows what kind of oil their cooking that stuff in, and what kind of powder they might be cutting their flour with.

    Yeah, there's a lot of that going on.  They cut the wheat flour with rice flour or bean or plastic or ground human bones or whatever white powder is cheaper than wheat flour.

    I'm always hoping it will be cut with cocaine, but I'm sure that's probably just wishful thinking.

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