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    can somebody please help sciency with his IQ?


    The Great Splendini

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    can somebody please help sciency with his IQ?

    Post  The Great Splendini on Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:30 pm

    his IQ is a little low.

    anyone got an IQ building activity book he could borrow?


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    Re: can somebody please help sciency with his IQ?

    Post  Psioncy on Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:56 pm

    If you're curious Pi, there are IQ exams one can take online.  With some practice you can even improve your score a little.  I know a dude who got into Mensa that way.

    I'd estimate you're somewhere in the 105-115 range.

    They came in and tested my entire grade Freshman year of high-school, but I don't want to talk about mine, cuz you'll surely call bullshit immediately.  And since there's no way to verify it to you, that will go nowhere.  (See how far ahead I can plan?)

    And I definitely wouldn't be surprised if my years of excessive liquor consumption hadn't shaved a bit off.  That's the whole reason I drink is that it makes me stupid.  Watch it tonight go from tight and brilliant, to witty, to baudy, to outright retarded, to spilling baijiu on my keyboard and spewing out ASCII jibberish.  We've all seen it before, yes?

    If you talked to me in person drunk you wouldn't believe the difference.  I may have all kinds of convictions sober, but wasted I just feed off other peoples.  Like if I'm drunk and you come at me with all kinds of religious fervor, I'll start hollering Amen and Halleluia, or if you come at me with the opposite you'll get that.  Love this political party or the other, I can swing either way.  I get downright passionate too, even if it's some idealogy I know nothing about or have been against my entire life until that point.

    I call it "trying on hats", it helps me get a feel for why other people may perceive things differently than me, and I learn a lot from it.  

    P.S.  Don't tell me to try on your hat, cuz there is no need.  Your hat is so transparent I can pretty much see your brain at work.  Which nicely matches that plastic belly-button you use to see where you're going.   lol!

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