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    "Katchup" on Jiaodaokou South St.


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    "Katchup" on Jiaodaokou South St.

    Post  Psioncy on Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:12 am

    You know what's funny?

    I rode by this place almost every day since its inception and didn't even realize it.

    Some robotic part of my brain just figured it was another shitty Chinese-style western place and discounted it.

    Turns out, it's fucking fantastic!

    I went there yesterday.  The burger was wicked good!  And the fries.  I've never tried fries like that, and usually I don't like fries, but these seemed like they were batter fried or something.

    They put lots of fresh-ground peppery sauce on the burger, it's just heavenly.  Prior to this I'd only known Burger Counter, and their menus are strikingly similar.

    From reading the TBJ entry I take it there is some connection, like the Burger Counter was started by these guys and then got taken over by a Chinese "partner" like Kro's Nest.

    Anyway, Katchup is *much* better than burger counter.  I will never eat at booger counter again~!

    The bun is fucking excellent, and the patty was cooked to *perfection*.  

    Also their beer selection is reasonably good. It's a bit more expensive that Burger Counter, by I guess 10 kuai for a meal, but well worth it!

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