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    Scorpio Snake - my best poem to date.


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    Scorpio Snake - my best poem to date.

    Post  RobertBlack on Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:10 am

    Scorpio Snake

    I was born
    A Scorpio snake
    Longing for
    The white hot desert
    As pure as a needle tip
    Under a naked flame
    As I slither
    And scratch around
    The dirty streets
    Of humanity
    Trying my best
    Not to bite
    Or sting
    Down Rue de Bellevue
    To deposit the glass
    From the previous nights
    Of drinking
    And writing
    In a circle of fire
    As the bottles shatter
    I see a handsome man
    Outside the fleuriste
    Giving a fresh bouquet of flowers
    To a young smiling beauty
    Of the silent sobs
    From the plants
    Decapitated for colour
    Euthanized for endeavour
    In the city of love
    And romance
    As I go back
    The Parisian sun
    Appears from behind
    The grey clouds
    Warming my skin
    Before it is shed
    And gifted
    To the night
    Once again

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