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    UK immigration policies have to go!


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    UK immigration policies have to go!

    Post  RobertBlack on Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:34 pm

    A friend off mine is Chinese, professional, living and working in Europe.

    She tells me that the majority of times she goes to the UK, on a multi-entry visitors permit, she gets hassled like fuck.

    Not by the English immigration officials, that is the white people, who are actually English, no she gets hassled by the fucking Moosies, the blacks, the Eastern Europeans.

    Almost to the point she doesn't want to visit again.

    But let's think about that for the moment, she has money, has a good job, so is no risk to the country.

    She will no doubt, spend a shit load on shopping and tourism, as most Chinese do.

    She will not take benefits, she will pay for any medical treatment, and her accommodation.

    She will not protest. she will not plot against the government. She will not try to change English culture,

    At the same time, the same fucking Moosie and foreign cunts, are waving in refugees by the thousands each day.

    No passport? No problem! Welcome in! Need benefits? A house? Free medical? What's that 15 kids, bring them later! Join the party!


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