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    Last of the Mo-Stalkins'



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    Last of the Mo-Stalkins'

    Post  TobbyG on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:35 pm

    Poodles have been disappearing faster than Hewo's sperm count!

    Now officially living on the lamb are:

    Wayne Bruce (Han Chu)

    Alex the Droog (the morbidly obese Brit with curly hair you've seen in BJ)

    Lizzie von Succincock

    Han Chu had ask the Admin for financial assistance for being online 24/7 to police the site.

    After HC went too far with his duties (criminal), things died off on TBJ- including Han Chu's usefulness.

    Pale, sunken eyes, and bat-shit crazy, and suicidal HC is unable to perform any other type of full time work.

    Hewo will be the next to fall, its all dominoes from there!


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    Re: Last of the Mo-Stalkins'

    Post  Banasty on Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:09 am

    RB had some very good news today!
    Sorry Cueball that means bad news for you.
    Where are you my little bald volovant!
    In hiding, they even miss you on TBJ.
    RB is gonna bankrupt your sad bald suicidal carcuss you know that right?
    Or are you gonna get your poor disappointed parents to save your faggy ass again?
    Seriously dude I thought only Americans say dude?
    If I were you I would work on the blame Count Zero defence. The batman one seems to have a few cracks.

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