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    Fuck You Han Chu!



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    Fuck You Han Chu!

    Post  TobbyG on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:38 am

    Said God!

    Then he made the Lanky Limey bald.

    He sunken in his eyeballs.

    Made Wayne Bruce's personality vomitous and repellent to women.

    Made Han Chu insecure and lonely.

    Han Chu became depressed, paranoid, and suicidal

    He became a textbook sociopath and lost all sense of self-respect.

    Others look upon him with pity.

    Even his "free services" began to be unwanted, his last link to

    Then he skewed Han Chu's better judgement, and led him down a uncertain yet hellish future.

    Don't worry, there's no chance HanChu/ Wayne Bruce is reading this.

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