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    Human Head Transplant?

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    Human Head Transplant?

    Post  The Angel of God on Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:38 pm

    This is just wrong in every way.  The closest they came a was monkey that lived 20 hours without the spinal cord attached, now this maniac has the go-ahead to do this to a human being?

    It's all about this dude's ego.  He poses for the press pictures with his scalpel and talks about "daring to dream" and calls his project HEAVEN.  But this is a real human being they are going to put through this torture, one that is certain to end in a grueling death.  I'm no nuerosurgeon, ok, but even I know that if you can't do it for a monkey it's not gonna work on a human either.

    The other very real danger is that the change in brain chemicals could "lead to unprecedented levels of insanity" in the patient.  So not only will they putting this poor m'fkr through one of the worst physical tortures ever concieved, he's gonna get the worst mental one on top of it.  This is all being done in China, btw.  I hope someone puts a stop to this madness.


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