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    Would you do her?

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    Would you do her?

    Post  The Angel of God on Wed May 31, 2017 7:04 am


    Sure!  Two blowjobs in one.


    Lip plate? Exposed breasts?  The only thing that would make her sexier by african standards would be if she were mounted on a zebra wielding a zulu spear.  So f-it, yes, I'd drag her by the lips into a house made of elephantshit and tse-tse flies - and triple ply my rascal on account of the monkey-AIDS she is most likely a carrier of.


    F-yeah! Homeless and Asian are two of my biggest turn-ons.


    Heck, why not?  That dude seems to be enjoying himself.  True you'd have to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot, but if she's ragging you could lube up any flap or crevice to get a nut off.  I'd keep her in an outbuilding or a pen of some sort with a slop trough and rinse her down with a high pressure hose once a day cuz that's gotta start stinking up a storm fast.


    You'd have to be a mega-bigot to discriminate against pothead wheelchair midgets enough not to boink them.  


    Problem?  I don't see one.  Wrap a flag around her head and fuck for glory.


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