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    Brainless Fluff

    Post  The Angel of God on Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:26 pm

    Deviating from my old highly complex 1990s gamefare, I've recently delved into the world of modern app gaming.  The graphics are gorgeous but the gaming is so... contrived.

    Still, mindlessness has a place.  I find that I get really addicted to games that break themes down into to symbols.  First it was themed slot machines, now I've moved onto to hidden object games, which at least take some skill.

    As with Tombraider or my other go to games, I start applying the virtual reality to my real life.  Under symbol games I start recalling memories in terms of flipping or moving icons.  After playing the hidden object games, I start walking around the yard and house noting the location of every single object and finding myself amazed at how much I usually tune out.

    Then it got me thinking about all kinds of themed symbol games I could make.  For slots, it's usually themes like Egypt or Vampires or The Rich or Asian bullcrap.  With the hidden objects it's almost always a mystery, some European bullshit like the Louvre, travel related, haunted house, or something arcane like alchemy.

    I want to make all NEW themes for these games.  Like CRACKHOUSE! or SERIAL KILLER!  Or some really dumb shit like "Laundry Time!" or "Lice!."  These big companies should hire me cuz they use the same old worn out themes over and over and over again and they get all boring and derivative fast.  I could think of a billion new ideas for them in seconds.

    That's what I am, an IDEA man.  I'm so much better at thinking up shit than I am putting anything into practice.   I've just never figured out how to monetize my skill.  Somebody needs to start paying me for all this shit I think up, like "the world" in general or the government or SOMEONE.  I need money dammit.  All this idea generating I do burns up a lot of calories in the brain.... and then the final product ends up going nowhere.  It's like just I'm blowing my mind-load into kleenex after discarded kleenex.  Such a waste.


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    Re: Brainless Fluff

    Post  The Great Splendini on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:21 am

    video game industry is like hollywood. they put out stuff that sells -- violence mostly. car racing.

    indie video game labels put out different (and often better) stuff.

    wish i had more time to play.

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