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    Speak m'fkn English M'FKRS!


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    Speak m'fkn English M'FKRS!

    Post  Psioncy on Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:50 pm

    I've wanted to join a mexican drug cartel ever since I first started watching fictional shows about them.  It looks sooooooo cool, 'cept that my "numero uno" (number one) problem is that I don't barely speak a lick o' spic and that ruins my suspension of disbelief in fantasizing about being in a mexican drug cartel cuz I've been to Mexico and S. America where I learned first hand that there ain't no subtitles scrolling by in real life.  (For reference, Pi, that would be kinda like trying to masturbate without knowing what a booby looks like.   Rolling Eyes )  Anyhoo, I'm watching a new series, Queen of The South, and it's all like 95%+ English, even when the beaners are talking to each other.  Sometimes they'll speak a sentence or two in mexican just for flavor, but then they'll revert right back to English like they're damned well supposed to.  Dammit, I want real life to start working this way, not just TV world!  This is America, amigos, the United States of!  Don't come here establishing a multi-billion dollar drug mafia if you ain't gonna do so in English, cuz I can't understand your stupid speedy gonzales talk and I don't feel like learning it.  I got enough problems figuring out what all the chinky-ching-chong I have to listen to means.  You all so-called "other cultures" give me a fkn headache with all your incoherent blathering.  This isn't the leaning tower of babel, cabrones.  It's called speakee the motherfucking English and it's the LAW.

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