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    Count Zero laying low- yet ass up



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    Count Zero laying low- yet ass up

    Post  TobbyG on Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:29 am

    Once the scored fairy sees RB alive and well on this board he hides back in his shell.

    No more cartoons.

    No more smarmy comments.

    Has he a cock in his mouth or is he hoping for the mother of all homo-erotic spankings?(which would put Hewo's dad to shame)!


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    Re: Count Zero laying low- yet ass up

    Post  Banasty on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:48 am

    Yeah, they have all gone into hiding.
    If any of them think that they won't be punished if they committed any crimes or laws they obviously don't know how stubborn RB is. This really will never go away for you Cueball.

    This is the picture so far with the law breakers:

    Monkey King: given up by Count Zero as the hacker. Will eventually face criminal proceedings. Even better, when he is identified along with his kindergarten, the full story will be posted online as well as his posts about his students being "nongs" and his perverted rantings about Sichuanese teenage girls not much older than his step-daughter. Yes, you did regret posting those didn't you Monkey King/Dr Sloppy/Half Star? Well, you will later believe me. You certainly are the only one that allowed RB to get under your skin enough to committ a crime. You went to his book site after all didn't you Half Star and you posted a fake ad of RB on TBJ classifieds. Just take a look at your TBJ signature. A man still obsessed An man obsessed enough to break the law and let RB affect you future. And RB just laughs at it. But a creepy man when people realize those posts were made by an almost elderly man in his sixties. You are too old for this stuff Monkey King.

    Cueball - implicated in the hacking conspiracy, will be done from the UK and sued of course for that libellous article. Possibly disciplined by the Beijing PSB also for lying about what they said and publishing it.

    Count Zero - also will be done from UK, breaches of copyright, theft of intellectual property (if you want this to go away quickly Count then I need at least the details of MK's kindergarten, or you are done). But thanks for letting me know Dr Sloppy was the old man.

    Fat Alex the Droog - stupid to post online that you received stolen stuff, photos and had read RB's stolen book Rhino. And that, "You are going to get the beating of your life" comment, not so clever huh? I am afraid unless you have useful info for RB, expect a knock on your door some time in the future.

    The fat pig faced PSB cop who was mates with Monkey King - well, he may face disciplinary action if the investigation shows he gave Monkey King RB's private passport and visa details and he was aware of the hacking and so on.

    Monkey King is the only one not identified so if fattie or fag Queen Zero want to give up any useful info then just PM me.

    Monkey King will be tracked down eventually, people are already calling around kindergartens in Beijing. It was a little stupid of you to post immediately stolen e-mails after your Dr Sloppy post was deleted.
    You will take a cop down with you so I hope it was worth it.

    By the way, please, if anyone wants to correct any of the above just post here.
    Time is not a problem, evidence gets collected over time and things get done and people pay for their crimes and actions over time.
    Whoever was stupid enough to break laws in order "to get" RB were a little foolish.
    He will be the one playing with your lives, right Cueball?
    A little quiet these days.
    Have the PSB contacted you yet about your article?
    The Chinese ignore things they don't like. Then you push. And you push and eventually things get done.
    Just watch this space.


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    Re: Count Zero laying low- yet ass up

    Post  Banasty on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:08 am

    And by the way Cueball, yes Global Times can retract and save their asses. Maybe they won't care. But YOU can't retract Cueball as the original author. And every time that article was republished around the world it is more and more serious for you as far as damages go.
    RB looks forward to seeing your sad bald head in the LONDON court.
    You are so fucked little girl.
    Twisted Evil

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