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    RB's masterpiece - bombs away!



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    RB's masterpiece - bombs away!

    Post  Banasty on Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:01 pm

    If you go into the woods today you're sure to get a surprise. Very Happy

    It’s taken a lot of patience but the first volley has been fired. And it was a masterpiece. I have read it. A shiny silver golf ball has been rolled to Chinese people way above the low salary Chinese PSB officers that were stupid enough to get involved with this war against RB. And there is a very large and shiny club waiting to fire that golf ball as high and far as it will go, that is the internet and the media. If Huanchu thought his article went global, just wait until RB’s hits the fan. And RB doesn’t need to lie. Your MIL is going to be famous Alex as with your drug dealing exploits Herojuana. Tell me does No-Brow help you with your business? Things have worked out so perfectly that is hard to imagine that RB did not write the script himself. He will of course come out smelling of roses and this will help him sell more books. His advantage is that he isn't in China and YOU are. Laughing

    It’s weird what happens when people lose their objectivity. A rush of blood to the head. Right Cueball? Didn't the words "lawyer" or "writer" even give you a hint? RB is the most easy going, loyal guy you could meet, just ask Sciency but you cross him then he will hunt you down and serve upon you correct justice, but he will do it within the law.

    And because of this phenomena RB wants to give out some awards for the “Pick me! I did it!” (Three easy ways to destroy my comfortable life) stupidity Olympic awards.

    Number 1 must go to that pig faced PSB cop. Why any one would stick their necks out for an eccentric perverted old American laowai kindergarten owner or a bearded midget forum owner is beyond me. But like it or not he is about to be famous. Cops can never match lawyers, ever and nor can journalists. We all know that. No death penalty alas (maybe huh?) but at least a loss of employment and destruction of his family though RB had him pegged as a fat fag. RB would have shown a little bit of sympathy for piggy face but he did rudely wake RB up and NO ONE does that. And RB did try to warn him in the cop car. Oh well, gold medal for you and your family piggy face;

    Number 2 – this was a hard decision for RB but in the end he opted for Monkey King as criminal prosecution always outweighs civil in seriousness, even if Cueball will be bankrupted and in all likelihood will face criminal prosecution too.

    RB just doesn’t get it old man. RB hung up his criminal boots when he was about twelve but even at that age he knew that if you break the law you try to hide it. That is criminal action kiddy 101. RB has been going through the posts and my God just how many stolen e-mails and pics DID you post!!? Even under your Monkey King ID! It’s like haha, I hacked RB’s e-mail accounts! Yes I did! I did! If you don’t believe me here are his private e-mails! I was the hacker! I am the only one to post his stolen e-mails! Come on Otto, could YOU at least not have stopped the old man? But no, I have guanxi! I am immune from prosecution! A PSB cop has told me that!

    Oh dear.

    The trouble with getting prosecutions for e-mail hacking is that people use proxies and it is hard to identify the hacker. Um, not so when you boast about the hacking and paste the internet with the stolen shit!

    That Paraguayan thing pushed Rb over the edge. Dirty his name in his hometown no problem, but in Paraguay! That hurt him more than you know!

    Someone recently said to RB, ah he is too old to care. Well, what’s the worst that could happen to you old man? Sent out of China? You knew it would never work with that mail order bride anyway, with your well documented extra-marital desires for cheap massages and teenage Sichuan college girls. And that kid is yours? Hmm, DNA test it!

    Don’t worry Count and Alex the Chinese will provide his name and then, oh dear, those posts the old man made on TBJ about his fetish for teenage Chinese Sichuan college girls (more than inappropriate for a sixty year old kindergarten owner) and those racist descriptions about your students as “Nongs”. Last time I checked the law if RB posts those all over the internet, it is not actually defamation, unlike Cueball’s lying article of course.

    So silver medal to Monkey King and well deserved!

    Number 3 – Oh dear, yes it is the sad hairless old suicidal Cueball. Another boaster! I wrote a defamatory article and published it on some shit internet newspaper. I did! And I lied about what the police told me! Happy Birthday Hero! Oh shit, hang on. No I didn’t, Wayne did it. No I mean Bruce did it.

    Huanchu, that is your plan to wait out the limitation period as your drug dealing mate suggested? Now that IS funny. Yes Huanchu you can do it! Staying in China IS the best thing for you right now, trust RB.

    But that shit about the bearded midget’s daughter, now that WAS nasty Cueball. You do have a dark side after all. Someone as trained in dishonesty must have criminal convictions for fraud. You even look the type. Did you declare them to the Chinese immigration? Or did you lie about them conveniently as Herojuana did? Yes Hero, unfortunately for you, people who matter in China know now. When people read that shit in New Zealand, RB just showed them one of those ridiculous BL video feeds. The comments went from, “What a dick, what a dweeb,” to “What a creep.” When people see you in the flesh you kind of lose credibility which won’t go well for you in a defamation court when RB gets around to suing your sad bald ass. He is waiting of course for confirmation in writing from the Beijing PSB that you lied.

    You have bronze medal written all over your sad depressed suicidal face. That is why she left you huh?

    As far as the bearded midget’s daughter’s pink shoes goes, RB would never have done that as he doubts that the bearded midget could create a daughter, RB has him more pegged for a baby hatcher than (he is probably not alone in this opinion) a baby creator and as with old Monkey King suggests DNA tests. Those Chinese girls get around after all.

    Count Zero (not Paul Morris!) you won’t mind if we call you Paul the Poof from now on then, actually you are quite nasty for a gay male. Well, you came fourth, but no medal, sorry.

    Alex and Hero, well, who knows.

    Otto, well done.

    And lastly RB would like to send a message to Lizard King. He has no real gripe with you and at times found you amusing but he suggests that if you did not always use a safe proxy on TBJ then you might want to consider getting your loose latino transsexual lips out of China, if you haven’t already, rather quickly. Your IP data has probably already been obtained. RB thanks you for your disgustingly racist posts but let’s face it you always knew there would be repercussions for them right? Your true identity is hanging on a thread and you know what Chinese mobs do right?

    RB will see you in London Cueball. How much dough does your family have? Bankruptcy is not so bad. No travel for a couple of years and no self-employment. That would probably be good for you, right?

    RB hopes it was all worth it.

    He is happy to play the game again, anytime, anywhere, but please, take heed of RB’s advice not to break the rules, not to cheat, people and more importantly, families get hurt, when the rules get broken.

    Oh and by the way, RB is great, editing his new book and enjoying life to the max as always. Thanks for asking. He thanks you for reading every sentence he has ever written even if it was in an effort to "get him".


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    Re: RB's masterpiece - bombs away!

    Post  Banasty on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:01 pm

    RB is clever. If the Chinese police don't punish Monkey King for the hacking they will be seen as being a a party to it and the won't like that in the media. Feeling safe still old man? Confident about your business and guanxi? Very Happy

    By the way, for the record RB never said Your Downfall Begins Now.
    But now he is saying it.
    Anyway, it is beer o'clock.
    Enough fun for today.
    Toodles doods.

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    Re: RB's masterpiece - bombs away!

    Post  ladyluck on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:27 pm

    tbj admin is a midget?

    anyway, you seem hell-bent on exacting revenge man.


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    Re: RB's masterpiece - bombs away!

    Post  Count_Z on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:23 pm

    > By the way, for the record RB never said Your Downfall Begins Now.

    Is that apocryphal?

    I kind of feel like I remember you saying it but that might be false memory syndrome.

    Like a lot of people swear blind they remember Mao saying “the Chinese people have stood up” during the founding of the PRC but he totally never did.


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    Re: RB's masterpiece - bombs away!

    Post  Count_Z on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:39 pm

    Not that I'm comparing you to Mao.

    Let's be honest, that guy was a bit better at getting one over on his enemies! rendeer

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