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    Riddle of the day.

    Post  Banasty on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:02 am

    How do you say, many of the young female teenage college students wanted to “play with me” with a Sichuan accent?

    RB wants to capture the sexual connotation, as he will be sending it to a certain student magazine editor of a college in Sichuan.

    Of course they won’t publish your creepy old man’s rant but RB guesses they certainly will distribute it among the masses.

    You see old man the truth is far more scary and destructive than lies.

    If you make a war with RB you better be in it for the duration.

    He is going to destroy you. It may take time but he will never stop.

    Get it! Get it Grandad!?

    And that goes for you too Cueball.

    You both are starting to realize it now. RB can smell the stench of your fear.

    Time to get on your knees and beg or pray. But you better beg or pray better than you have ever done before.

    Haha, you gave RB permission to play with your REAL lives you dumb fucks.

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