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    A fair question for the Poodles?



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    A fair question for the Poodles?

    Post  Banasty on Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:22 am

    Here's a fair question Poodles.
    According to you, RB is a rapist, an internet stalker and a kiddi porn distributor.
    The guy must be like a supercriminal, a most wanted.
    So when you did the world a favour and hacked into BOTH his e-mail address you must have found tons of criminal stuff, threats, stolen photographs, kiddi porn sites right?
    So why did you only post a few of his personal e-mails and dcoctored them and found out he had worked on an "F" visa?
    I mean why did you stop there?
    With that kiddi porn and criminal material you could probably get him the chair right?
    So come on disclose it to us?
    Like the Wikileaks guy.
    Don't be scared.
    Or was it just that you didn't find any criminal material, no kiddi porn stuff, just normal old private e-mails?

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    obvious defamation

    Post  silkywave3 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:34 am

    Most people actually know that RB is framed.
    But media can be greatly misleading, after all, people who read newspaper know nothing about the details.

    No matter who receives this unfair treatment, would feel hurted deeply.

    but dear Batany, since they say these on internet, so I guess nobody should take it seriously. The more you take it serious, the more you get hurt, but you should count on the things they did to you in real life.

    You can return to china someday later, right? And you have rich lawful knowledges, right? One bad policeman doesn't equal to the whole china is bad.

    Actually I don't suggest you to continuously say something about poodles here, because:
    1. there is nothing change about poodles' life and their devil nature;
    2. from your continuous declarations, people have known deeply about your plight;
    3. what you are doing in the forum won't help your lawsuit at all, but can only bring some negative influence;
    4. you can only save yourself out of injustice after you fully calm down;
    5. things have past for a long time, we really hope your afflictions will get to disappear from your heart, after all, life is short, we have many choices to live happier rather than wasting much time on old memory. If you keep your mind in the old age, there is nothing good for you, and actually you are losing more and more by others' irresponsible behaviours. and, actually that is what your enemies hope to see.

    so why not clean up your mind, prepare necessary proofs with only 10% of your energy, and use other 90% energy to build a better life for yourself?

    But if what they did bring a lot of negative influences to your real life, you need to clarify to people that you are having a lawsuit against the slanders, hopefully people can understand you.

    But first of all, you should stop leaving the bad impression to people. Especially a forum is accessible to public, don't provide more evidences to people that you are a person like the poodles describe. Give yourself more peace and more chances. santa we can be still very powerful when we are calm.


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    Re: A fair question for the Poodles?

    Post  Banasty on Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:36 pm

    The articles have already begun to be deleted with retractions. No big deal.
    As RB said he is really just after three people.
    And he will get them, you will see.
    Old man MK is brave while his ID is not known but when it is people will know what a racist pervy old man he is and a criminal hacker to boot.
    Especially his family and businesses.
    That day is coming old boy.

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    Re: A fair question for the Poodles?

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