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    Herojuana, the Kamloops racist

    Not Hair PI

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    Herojuana, the Kamloops racist

    Post  Not Hair PI on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:04 am

    How can a outright racist live in China, a land of what he types on forums as sub-humans?

    He claims he married one, but he made it clear it was cause her family is rich and he spends all his free time hanging out at bars (like Goose and Duck), selling marijuana and ecstasy ( to innocent Chinese school kids) and avoiding his homely wife.

    What can you make of it?

    She's got low self esteem (or really wants a Canadian citizenship) to ignore the guy has like 15,000-20,000 forum post on various sites (11,000 on just ONE of his TBJ accounts).

    Should anyone tell this women he posts hate messages on "stromfront" including messages referring to his wife as an "ape."

    That is a purely evil, stalking, hate site. No one should be shocked Hero is posting away on there, not sure why he is using a "particular" name.

    Wouldn't that be ironic if she turned to someone like RB as the shoulder to cry on when the neglectee sought an emotional boyfriend/therapist to cumfart her in her time of need.

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    yes, I am very curious as well

    Post  silkywave3 on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:38 pm

    How can the loser manage its marriage?
    Maybe its wife knows nothing about his real opinion about china.
    He must perform very exhausted at home to call its hated wife to be honey.

    What for?
    If a man only lives for money, it can only deserves to be called 'cheap slave'. monkey

    no wonder it is so repressive and behaves like a beast in forums.

    wow, over 10,000 posts, loserjuana must feel like a retard king.


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    Re: Herojuana, the Kamloops racist

    Post  Banasty on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:44 pm

    If No-Brow allows him to drink and take drugs as much as he wants then I would say Hewo won't be seen as cutie these days and there will be rumbles of divorce on the horizon, then he'll get screwed in the divorce then he will do something really stupid then he will be back to shovelling snow back in Canada.
    He must have convictions there as he never mentions going back, EVER.
    He is very like Granpops and Alex the Hippo, they both live in countries they hate fervently. Just read their posts on TBJ.

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    Re: Herojuana, the Kamloops racist

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