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    Best Video or Computer Game of ALL TIME



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    Best Video or Computer Game of ALL TIME

    Post  UFCpieceofashit on Thu May 13, 2010 11:45 pm

    Here are my 2 picks-

    1) The Leisure Suit Larry (the lounge lizard) series- Nothing made a horny teenage kid stare an the green screen of an Apple IIC for hours on end in the hope of seeing some tiny green blocks in the outline of a woman's breast. When I got older, the quality of the graphics changed into what I can only describe a pre teen's wet dream.

    Like the next game, I believe I had to get someone at a porn shop to buy this thing for me, or pray some stoner would recognize my horrible fake a totally fake ID saying I was 18. I bought the fake ID from some Mexican at a swap meet. They sold fake green cards and passports back then too.

    Mine was NOT in color

    2) Custers Revenge.
    Also only available at a porn shop. This Game fit the old Atari sets and had a crude block like General Custer raping Indian women tied to a pole. The Indians would rain these arrows on you while you ran back and forth to rape the Squaw, and you needed to blow a load then start all over again.


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    Re: Best Video or Computer Game of ALL TIME

    Post  Psioncy on Fri May 14, 2010 12:34 am

    I'm gonna go with Tomb Raider II as my first pick.

    I regard this game as the grandmasterpiece of all computer games ever made. It's so mechanically elegant, every scenario and its outcome makes perfect sense, awes and satisfies. It's really like you become one with the environment and the tasks at hand. *Perfection*!

    About once a year I download this sweetie and play it through over a couple days off. It's like pleasuring myself, except even better!

    Tomb Raider II will never be beaten!

    Runner up goes to Baldur's Gate II. Coding pen and paper AD&D rules into a 2D game world and making them work in real-time was one heck of an impressive task. The best of thing in this game were the characters, all of whom had distinct and interesting personalities, and would often randomly interact or even bicker with each, and were themselves integral to the plot. Beautifully written, great non-linear storyline and mechanics. A marvel of its day.

    As for erotica, I remember getting off pretty well to Strip Poker II, DOS version on the old 386 in my younger years.

    Getting skanky-looking amateur girls in tacky 80's hairdos to strip down piece by piece until they're spread eagle naked in front of you by beating them at poker is always a winning formula. The good old the double reward: winning at a game of skill coupled with full frontal nudity.

    More fun in RL. Dating can be a waste of time, but liquor and a deck of cards is a near sure fire way to get their clothes off.

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