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    It has begun


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    Re: It has begun

    Post  ladyluck on Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:19 am

    too low.


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    Re: It has begun

    Post  Sandtree on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:48 pm

    UFC's bro wrote:
    PoodleKing wrote:
    Sandtree wrote:Can you imagine what type of counsel spends time with Slicky the Beast to share his limited knowlege of the legal system? Was this attorney babysitting after your parents left their little beastlike boy locked in their home?

    Yeah, I know Sciency still hates us for banning him from TNM, but associating with scum like those just to get some kind of internet revenge is just baffling.

    I actually used to think Sciency was ok.

    By the way, Sciency, be a good lad and inform those numbnuts here on your rape forum that this will be the my last post on your forum, so every new ID that pops up, who the unfortunates think is me, well, it's not.

    I'm not posting there any more because I don't trust you. You give IP details to stalkers and rapists.

    That is grounds for you winning our next stalker and rapist deportation election.

    Shouldn't that be 'here'?

    Or might you just have copy/pasted a post from TBJ that atd made 7 months ago?




    Let's have another laugh at paedipops, he posted this drunk at 4.48 pm China time, this is Xmas don't forget and he is with his family on holiday, lucky things.
    A sixty year old man.

    What time is that in US Sciency?


    That was posted on thebeijnger.

    I thought psioncy remembered that, especially considering that was followed by threats stating psioncy was they next to be deported.


    not much of a fan of either one of you.

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