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    Check out this great up and coming author!


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    Check out this great up and coming author!

    Post  UFC's bro on Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:26 am

    "Since Jenna died the old place seemed big and empty. Greg put a sign on the front door “open house”, which attracted little attention at first. But it wasn’t long before people started to show up.

    The first visitor was an old Chinese man who used the conservatory for his morning taichi. Mrs Golding from down the street would sometimes make use of the big oven for baking projects. One day, a whole choir even filled the living room. Greg listened to their beautiful singing and served refreshments from his best tea set.

    His neighbours warned him about leaving the front door unlocked but Greg wasn’t worried. He just wanted to fill the big, empty spaces in his house.

    One night burglars entered Greg’s home. They stole everything of value and smashed the tea set.

    The end."

    The author is a Beijing-based freelance journalist, producer and cameraman.

    The file is about to go off to the UK cops, last requests?

    By the way who is this RB guy everyone mentions around here?



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