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    Religion is bullshit revisited


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    Religion is bullshit revisited

    Post  The Great Splendini on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:28 am

    met a christian a while ago.

    what we got here?

    he's trying to turn me on to "God" (or his warped version of God).

    meanwhile, he's bad-mouthing one of his colleagues (demons: backstabbing and envy)

    and as we're talking on the street, he's ogling every skirt that walks by (demons: intention of betraying wife).

    so in 5 minutes, 3 demons expose themselves. if i spend 2 hours with the guy, i'll probably need an abacus to keep track of all the poor soul's demons.

    religions don't work because they don't exorcise demons.

    a baseball bat to the head might work better.

    and this poor fool has been going to church with a bunch of other assholes every sunday for a thousand years and it hasn't done shit.

    and the worst part is that although no christian will ever admit it, they fucking HATE going to church.

    they do it because they feel they're getting in closer with God.

    they're not.

    trust me.

    God doesn't want to be worshipped. God needs the little devil inside your minds to be wiped out.

    join Splendianity today, kids.

    take a baseball bat to your demons and bypass Armageddon altogether.

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