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    Soccer Licks Donkey Balls


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    Soccer Licks Donkey Balls

    Post  The Great Splendini on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:14 pm

    Oh, excuse me. Football.

    Actually, I'm gonna call it Stupid GayBall.

    I watched the Italy vs. England match.

    NOTHING but NOTHING but NOTHING but NOTHING happened for 90 minutes.

    You could have put a bunch of old ladies on the field knitting. It would have amounted to the same thing.

    I think there was one shot on goal in the whole match. And it was a weak one. Like most of Sciency's posts.

    Rooney, who probably makes 2 million pounds every time he steps on the field, had one kick and it missed the net by 20 feet.

    My fucking hairdresser deserves to get paid more than that asshole.

    There are some exciting moments, but MOST of the time it's like a bunch of fucking old ladies knitting.

    And these assholes are the least athletic of any fucking sport, except golf maybe. Another bunch of old ladies.

    Most of these assholes have absolutely no athletic ability or talent whatsoever.

    Fucking scam of a sport.

    If you like soccer, you suck.

    Your team may win, you YOU suck.

    And that's all the Splendini has got to say.

    For NOW, bitches.

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